Майамбо Руи 

Врач стоматолог высшей категории стаж более 7 лет. Возглавляет CID в западной Африке.

Возглавляет CID в западной Африке. Посвятил 5 лет работе в нашей команде, после чего принял нелегкое решение развивать современную стоматологию на Родине. В настоящий момент возглавляет миссию CID на территории западной Африки и управляет клиникой в Мозамбике.

Experienced dentist with passion for restoration of teeth, uses this passion to help patients with different kinds of dental problems in by giving the patients a warm and comfortable service.Possesses good communication skills that ensure patients are well informed of the full dental process during their consultation. I am a very resourceful, responsible, results-oriented, seasoned,self-directed, skilled, strategic, talented, adaptable, ambitious, analytical type of person.

Objective Statement

To obtain positive results Dentist with 5 years of experience in endodontic, prosthesis, restoration and professional hygiene. I am motivated to work with patients thus by fully utilizing my skills. Key Skills and Core Competencies Good communicator – Mature, patient, responsible and positive attitude. Approachable – Good listening skills. Passionate and energetic. Planning and organizational skills.

Professional Experience

I have been working here in Russia for 5 years now. I started working as a dental assistant in 2011. I have attended several dental seminars and courses which adequately added to the knowledge I have. I have been treating people with different teeth issues from Educational Background & Qualification.

  • Moscow State Medical-Stomatology University from Sep 2009 – Jun 2014 Undergraduate Degree in dentistry.
  • Moscow State Medical-Stomatology University from Sep 2014 – Jun 2016 Masters degree in prosthetics dentistry.
  • Professional qualification in the following fields:
  • 1. Certified short course in Astra Tech Implant System 2015
  • 2. Certificate of participation in the ITI world symposium 2014
  • 3. Certificate in the use of surgical and prosthodontic components with the Straumann
  • Dental Implant System. 2015
  • 4. Certificate in the use of surgical components with the Straumann Dental Implant System.2015
  • 5. Certificate of reconstruction stomatology. Complex rehabilitation of patients. 2016
  • 6. Certificate in SAF System 2016 References


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Ул. Мытная, 7, стр.1
м. Серпуховская, м. Октябрьская
Режим работы: с 9:00 до 22:00

Россия , Москва, Ул. Мытная, 7, стр.1


8 800 300 65 25
+7 499 999 01 49

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Российская Федерация, Москва,
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8 800 300 65 25

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